College day

The College timetable is organised over a two-week rotation period; each day runs as below:

House System and Vertical Tutor Groups

The entire student cohort is divided into five houses: Christie, Durrell, Lewis, Orwell and Tolkein. Each house meets once a week in a structured assembly that covers a wide range of topics including anti-bullying, PSHE, student awards, British Values and awards assemblies. Inter-house competitions are set throughout the year in the form of the Day of Sport, cumulative VIVO totals and individual sporting activities.

What are the benefits of a vertical tutor group?

Newton Abbot College does not use a traditional ‘single year’ tutor group approach. Year 7 students reap huge benefits from having familiar faces and friends in older year groups who they see on a daily basis. Every tutor group has at least one prefect, a lot of whom have received anti-bullying training to support any student who may be struggling. As students move up years, they in turn become mentors to younger students creating a real sense of support and family atmosphere. 

Can I contact My Child’s Tutor?

If you have any questions or concerns about your child, you can contact their individual tutor by email or by calling 01626 367335.

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