Albions salters hopes for college rugby

Semi-professional Plymouth Albion hooker and Team Leader of Physical Education at Newton Abbot College, Jamie Salter, has completed his first season as Devon U15 Rugby Coach with the hope of attracting top level players to the College.

As the youngest Devon coach from a professional club, Salter is looking to bring current tactical approaches and systems to the game to provide the team with the best chances of victory. The current season saw the county team play in three games against Somerset, Bristol and Cornwall, winning two and losing one.

Team Leader of PE, Jamie Salter and rising rugby star, Josh Day
Team Leader of PE, Jamie Salter and rising rugby star, Josh Day
The teams were chosen from over 120 hopefuls who attended county trials earlier in the season. One of the successful players, Year 10 Newton Abbot College student, Josh Day, impressed with his half-way try, securing a move from the B team to the A for the remaining two matches.

It is talented players like Josh that Jamie is looking to promote: “This is a great opportunity to develop up and coming players like Josh. I have a long-term goal of developing the standard of rugby at Newton Abbot College with an aim of supplying more and more student players to the county squad. The hope is that this will, in turn, attract more rugby players to the College. It has been a fantastic opportunity as a coach to give back to the game and promote it throughout our College community and beyond.”