An amazing evening

On Thursday 27th June, the Year 11 cohort from our College celebrated the end of their GCSEs with a Prom night to remember.  The venue was the impressive Grand Hotel in Torquay; the students dressed to match.  Although it did start to rain when the students started to arrive this did not dampen spirits. Some of the young adults really arrived in style.  Millie Gait came in a bright red Ferrari with a growling engine. [caption id="attachment_4052" align="aligncenter" width="295"]Millie Gait Millie Gait[/caption] Rachel Putt and her friends climbed out of a stylish Maserati.  The most unusual form of transport that evening was ridden by Tom Dunn.  He came around the corner on a vintage ice cream pannier bike (which was very apt as he intends to cycle from John O’Groats to Land’s End this summer).  A variety of limousines could also be seen that night. [caption id="attachment_4051" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Tom Dunn Tom Dunn[/caption] The Student Support team awarded a number of titles during the evening (based on nominations from the students themselves). These were:

  • Prom King - Ben Stephenson
  • Prom Queen - Kim Carter
  • Joker of the year - David Horsler
  • Friend of the year - Abby Spragg
  • Rebel of the year - Aidan Yates
  • Best dressed of the year - Annie Haines
  • Person most likely to become Prime Minister - Jack Fannon
  • Most likely to be a millionaire - Max Edmonds
  • Most likely to be famous - Gareth Penrice
  • Most likely to become a successful pop star - Sarah Watts
  • Most likely to become a Newton Abbot College teacher - Courtney Dummett
  • Special award - Deanna Jones

When Sarah Watts was presented with her prize the crowd chanted “SING”!  Sarah took the microphone and rewarded the crowd with a short, incredible rendition of an Adele track.  The students also really enjoyed the photo gallery which showed shots of all them all in Year 7 and compared them to how they look now; the differences were very amusing.  All of them took the photos home as a momento. The students were, as always, really well behaved on the night.  Student Support Team Leader, Nicki Carey said “All I can say is what an amazing evening.  It makes you feel very proud to be part of the Newton Abbot College community on these special nights.”

Press 1  Tom  Dunn Crop