On Monday 13 October Year 9 and 12 students from Newton Abbot College were visited by Dr Martin Coath from The Cognition Institute, Plymouth University.  Dr Coath is an award winning STEM Ambassador with more than 25 years’ experience in research and spends his time divided between research and creating opportunities to engage everybody in the wider debate about the relationship between Science and society. [caption id="attachment_6992" align="aligncenter" width="340"]Dr Coath giving his talk to Newton Abbot College students Dr Coath giving his talk to Newton Abbot College students[/caption] His talk to the students centred around current research on the brain, and he went on to discuss the structures and evolution of the brain.  The students were very enthusiastic and said they found the talk very interesting and informative.  Sam Till and Rachel Spooner, both Year 12 students, said “It was fascinating to hear from someone active in his field of research and it was exciting to see all of the different options available for a career in Science.” Dr Coath said "It was a real pleasure to visit Newton Abbot College to talk about my work and future technologies.  If one thing is certain in neuroscience, it is that there is a long way to go and we need enthusiastic and flexibly minded young people to take up the challenge who are interested in everything from Psychology to Electronic Engineering.  Although I was only on campus for a short time, it was clear that the staff and students were fully engaged with Mathematics at the College, which is one of the key skills needed by research institutes in all disciplines."

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