Carnegie medal

A group of Year 8 and 9 students from Newton Abbot College were chosen to attend the Carnegie Medal shadowing event this month.  They selected and read one of the books that had been submitted for the award, ‘Liar and Spy’, and then gave a 10 minute presentation in front of 9 other secondary schools.  Part of the story takes place in PE lessons at school and the students used a variety of props to help explain the story during their presentation. [caption id="attachment_6579" align="aligncenter" width="440"]L-R: Alex Squires, Sophie Hoare, Isabelle Ball, Holly Vian, Amelia Clark-Skinner L-R: Alex Squires, Sophie Hoare, Isabelle Ball, Holly Vian, Amelia Clark-Skinner[/caption] Each school then had the opportunity to vote for the book they felt was most likely to be awarded the Carnegie Medal. The Carnegie Medal is awarded each year by CILIP (the Chartered Institute for Library and Information Professionals) for outstanding children’s literature. Anthony McGowan, author of teenage fiction, was on hand to sum up the presentations and give the students feedback. He also gave a short talk about his own books, which he signed at the end of the event, and described what life is like as a writer. Cathy Duggan, Study Centre Officer at Newton Abbot College, said “Our students worked really hard for this event; getting together to read the book, putting their ideas across and creating an excellent dramatic performance.”

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