College receives certificate for work in physics

Principal Paul Cornish, Physics Teacher Dominic Mustin students from Newton Abbot College Ofsted Good

The College was recently recognised for its continued commitment to delivering exceptional Physics teaching in a pre and post 16 secondary education environment. The Institute of Physics and Stimulating Physics Network’s William Gott visited the College to present the certificate to celebrate its membership to the Stimulating Physics Network project. Newton Abbot College is one of only 12 partner schools and colleges in Devon working with the Simulating Physics Network to advancing physics education. The Network project works with partner schools to improve the quality of student experience and reinvigorate a culture of physics in a school environment.  Raising the profile and perceived value of physics and supporting the professional development of physics teachers, the College will be working closely with the Network Project to develop students’ perceptions of physics as exciting, accessible, aspirational and relevant to their everyday lives. Science Deputy Team Leader, Dominic Mustin, was thrilled with the presentation: “This certificate encapsulated the College’s dedication to continually improving the science provision it offers to its students.” Mr Gott has been impressed with the College’s commitment over the years: “I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the College for the past three years, delivering sessions for the science department to develop the delivery of physics throughout the College.  The whole department has embraced the programme enthusiastically, coordinated by Head of Physics, Mr Mustin, leading to interesting debates on the teaching of the subject.  I'm sure this energy will be feeding through to the students' experience of physics, helping to generate the scientists of the future.”

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