Dartmoor artist inspires in womens half hour

The College Sixth Form welcomed successful local artist and businesswoman, Sarah Smith, to speak to students as part of their ongoing ‘Women’s Half Hour’ series.

The fortnightly sessions look to inspire the young women of the College community; Sarah’s talk, entitled ‘Sarah Smith’s Guide to Golden Nuggets and Living a Wibbly Life’ outlined some of the obstacles Sarah has had to overcome, as well as sharing with the young women in the audience some of the advice she has learnt along the way.

The Dartmoor Artist, Sarah Smith (C) with Sixth Form students, Lucy Leishman (L) and Zara Clench (R)
The Dartmoor Artist, Sarah Smith (C) with Sixth Form students, Lucy Leishman (L) and Zara Clench (R)

Sarah, who, alongside her husband, owns Home Farm Café at Parke and Lurcombe Farm Cottages, discovered a love for painting following spinal surgery in 2017 and has quickly established herself as ‘The Dartmoor Artist’; a successful countryside painter. Her artwork has been featured in a wide-range of publications, including the Mail on Sunday, Devon Home Magazine and online on Devon Live. Her presentation was delivered to young women in both Years 12 and 13 and to members of staff.

“I wanted to speak in an open, frank and honest fashion about how important it is for a community of women to support and empower each other. It is important to hear that you, as an individual, have something special about you and we all have something unique to bring to this life. In a society that looks to create a public perception of perfection, I wanted to reiterate to these young women that failure isn’t a dirty word, that they don’t need to know exactly what they are going to do with the rest of their lives and finding their tribe of people starts with following their passions. Overcoming obstacles leads you to all sorts of exciting places; I have experienced this in my own life and it is important to share this with these incredible young women.”

Year 13 student, Lucy Leishman, said: “It was amazing to hear from someone who hasn’t had what we all think traditionally is ‘the perfect life’, rather they have had their version of their perfect life. I felt really inspired after the session; Sarah made me feel that things are going to be okay and I just need to think about how I can change things for the better and be there for others as well as myself.”

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