Erin on target for sprint top spot

Year 9 student, Erin Throgmorton-Appleby, has recently secured sixth place at the Open and Confined Great British Target Sprint Championships in South Gloucester in October.

The talented young athlete, who has previously competed at county level for both swimming and trampolining, started the brand new sport just under a year ago. The multi-disciplined Target Sprint involves a combination of shooting targets and sprinting distances of 400m. Erin’s previous shooting experience was gained through her involvement with the Scouts and she is a member of Newton Abbot Athletics Club.  

Erin shooting during the competition
Erin shooting during the competition

The competition saw Erin finishing in sixth position in the Youth Women’s final with a time of 9 mins 12 secs. Erin said of the competition: “The competition itself was quite nerve-wracking as I was up against people who shoot at national level and I had an equipment failure during the competition. I am really proud to be sixth in the country representing young women in an up-and-coming sport.”

Teacher of Physical, Education, Charlotte Tonge, said: “Erin has always been a hugely talented athlete, competing at county level and for Newton Abbot College. It is fantastic for Erin to have found her golden sport, especially given its rising status in the UK. It is no surprise that Erin is excelling in an event which takes hours of focus and dedication.”

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