Escot reveals secrets of anglo saxon life

Year 7 students recently visited Wildwood Escot outside Exeter for a hands-on, immersive experience into life in medieval England. 

Nearly 30 Key Stage 3 students were treated to a day of living history; visiting the centre’s Anglo-Saxon village, students took part in activities including coin making, woodwork, cooking typical Saxon food using traditional methods, foraging for food and trying on clothes from the era. Students also had the opportunity to meet with Saxon wildlife, including wolves, boar and lynx.

Student trying their hand at woodwork
Student trying their hand at woodwork

The trip was a great success, with one student commenting: “It was brilliant. I loved dressing up. We enjoyed acting out the roles of the different family members. Watching the wildlife was also amazing. Seeing the wolves was the best part!”

Team Leader of History, Kalie Dowling, said “It is extremely important to be able to offer trips like this to our students, right from Year 7 onwards. They all took full advantage of the opportunity, engaging with the tasks and learning in a way that will help with their studies. We have been very impressed with how the students have brought the ideas they learned back with them into the classroom and it is really showing in their written work. History is not just about words and pictures in a book; it is about experiencing it, living it and seeing what an exciting subject it can be.” 

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