Festival challenge for budding college entrepreneurs

Newton Abbot College Secondary SChool Ofsted Good Business Festival Week Poncho Challenge

The College’s Year 9 Business Studies students got a taste of creative design recently, participating in the College’s ‘Festival Challenge’ as part of a Business Studies workshop.  The challenge saw students designing and creating an all-weather poncho from basic materials including bin liners and card. Ponchos were customised with pockets, company branding and aesthetic designs to create a unique selling point for their product.  Once designed, students participated in a catwalk to present their ideas and outline areas of added value and USP before the best design and presentation was voted upon by the rest of the class.  The practical application of business concepts was one that Year 9 students Ellie Hensley-Jones and Ellie-Mai Perkins enjoyed: “This was a great opportunity for visual learners to interact with the ideas we had been discussing and bring them to life in the classroom” Miss Perkins said. Miss Hensley-Jones agreed: “The class was great fun. It helped us to understand the concepts we had been learning about and brought them to life in a creative way. We were challenged to think about ideas from a different point of view; physically making something allowed us to come up with ideas we would never have considered simply on paper.”            

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