Forgotten spaceman wows primary guests

The Forgotten Spaceman Newton Abbot College Sixth Form Performing Arts Ofsted Good

The College's Year 12 Performing Arts students are celebrating the success of their original drama piece, ‘The Forgotten Spaceman’, which has received rave reviews from an audience of over two hundred invited primary school pupils. The performance piece (written as part of the students’ examination for the year) was created around the moral of ‘never judge a book by its cover’. Following the story of a spaceman who had been abandoned on an alien planet, students led the enthralled audience through a journey of realisation; that all was not as it first appeared and the seemingly hostile alien inhabitants were, in fact, on a quest to help the main protagonist find his way home. The performance was preceded with an interactive workshop, where pupils were put through their singing and dancing paces, learning moves to the final musical number of the show. The performance was skilfully written and aimed at Year 3 pupils who laughed, gasped, sang and clapped their way through the show. The class at St Michael’s Primary School were so bowled over by the show that they spent an afternoon crafting handmade ‘thank you’ cards which were sent to the students and Performing Arts Teachers, Rob and Sarah Wilkinson. Mrs Short and Miss Bray from St Michael’s were thrilled with their visit to Newton Abbot College: “The children were enthused and have been talking non-stop about the performance. The hospitality and Prefects were delightful and the College has such a warm, welcoming atmosphere.” Performing Arts student, Melis Blackford, was touched by the incredible gesture: “We were bowled over when we received such an amazing array of fantastic cards! We didn’t expect anything like this and we feel extremely proud to have made such a positive impression. We were thrilled with how the performance went and the audience’s reaction.”

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