Greenpower challenge

A group of 17 Newton Abbot College students took their electric car ‘Lucy’ to the Greenpower 2014 Cornwall College South West Regional event at Newquay Airport.  This event celebrates the engineering expertise and driving skills of youngsters who take part in the Greenpower Challenge. Team Lucy took part in the IET Formula 24 event on Day 2.  They competed in two 90 minutes races on the 1.4 mile circuit, with the aim of seeing how far they could travel during that time using just one set of fully powered batteries.  By taking part in two races, the team were able to analyse their performance and make any adjustments they felt necessary before starting the second race. Race 1 saw Team Lucy in 11th place after covering 29.4 miles and recording an average speed of 16.7 mph.  The results were slightly improved for Race 2 with Team Lucy in 9th place after covering a greater distance of 30.8 miles with an average speed of 16.2 mph.  Top speed exceeded 34 mph in each race. The car ran smoothly with no mechanical problems and whilst not the fastest it has proven to be one of the most reliable in the event. [caption id="attachment_6584" align="aligncenter" width="475"]'Lucy' racing at the Greenpower Challenge 'Lucy' racing at the Greenpower ChallengeLucy racing at the Greenpower Challenge[/caption] John Musty, Teacher of Design and Technology, said “With so many students attending this was our biggest team yet, which bodes well for the future, however it did mean that there was only time for 12 of the team to actually race.  Therefore we are looking for willing parents to help build our next car, Freddy! “

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