Harry partridge student of the month february 2020

Congratulations to Year 13 student, Harry Partridge, who has been named as 'Student of the Month' for February 2020.

Harry has been part of Newton Abbot College since Year 7 and is an incredibly valued member of our community. Harry is a passionate individual, with environmental sustainability as a focus of his interests. The world and its future needs more people like Harry working to save it and we cannot wait to hear how he is making a difference in the future. Congratulations from all of us at College, Harry and good luck in the next step of your exciting life beyond College!

Mr Cornish with Harry's Award
Mr Cornish with Harry's Award

“Harry is a deep thinker. During his biology classes he always strives to understand everything as fully as possible; making connections between various areas and showing a passion for the subject. Harry is a pleasure to teach. He is a friendly, thoughtful student who is always willing to offer a helping hand. He is an avid ambassador for the environment and works hard to encourage others to consider their environmental impact. He is a good role model and inspiration to others.”

Teacher of Science

“Fantastic news, Harry is a very deserving student; I have had the pleasure of teaching him over the past six years, first as his tutor and then as his chemistry teacher. He is an enthusiastic learner and a hardworking student with a real drive to understand the world around him. Harry has a desire to make our planet Earth a better and more sustainable place for the future generations. Well done Harry!”

Teacher of Science

“Having taught Harry for the best part of 5 years, along with his two brothers, I have watched him develop into a thoroughly nice young man. He has overcome adversities in the sixth form and shown a real determination to meet his goals. Harry would like to change the world, peacefully and respectfully, so that we all have a better future. I am sure he will enjoy the new challenges ahead and with a smile on his face.”

L Ellicott, Team Leader of ICT

“Harry’s commitment to wider learning has been evidenced in his EPQ. Harry’s research report into placing an economic value on nature was outstanding. It is rare to see such an articulate and rigorous report at this level.”

Teacher of EPQ

“What an absolute joy it has been witnessing Harry’s development through his three years with us in sixth form. Harry has developed in to an outstanding student, not only in terms of his academic qualities and learning behaviours but also in his commitment to contributing to the wider sixth form and college community. Harry is a student leader in the truest sense: he leads by his conduct, sticks to his values, and inspires his peers without even realising. From his cheerful morning chats to his pro dishwasher loading skills at the end of the day, Harry has become a fixture of 6th form house. We have been extremely lucky to have him and will miss him greatly next year.

I know he has the brightest future ahead; I hope he keeps in touch and comes to visit us to share his success and inspire a future generation of sixth formers”.

N Martin, Tutor

Student of the Month February 2020 Ofsted Good Secondary School 1