Individual silver for willow in jiu jitsu nationals

Year 11 prefect, Willow Bryant, secured an individual silver medal at the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Junior National Championships at the beginning of April.

Willow travelled to Wolverhampton to take part in the championships with her local club, Fightworx Academy, based in Torquay. Brazilian jiu-jitsu focuses on grappling and ground fighting; a recognised martial art, it is also a sport, method of promoting physical fitness and character-building in young adults.

Willow with her medal and tutor, Hannah Brown
Willow with her medal and tutor, Hannah Brown

The championships marked the first ever competition entry for Willow, who has only been involved in the sport for seven months. Her road to silver was made more difficult as she was moved up a weight category especially for the competition. Following her performance in Wolverhampton, Willow will travel to the British Open in Coventry on 12 May.

Willow said of her win: “The fight was really difficult, but I am extremely proud of the result. I took up Brazilian jiu-jitsu to get involved in something outside of College, as well as to learn something different and focus on something positive during my upcoming GCSE exams. I am looking forward to competing in the future and see where the sport can take me.”

Newton Abbot College teacher and Willow’s tutor, Hannah Brown, said: “We are extremely proud of Willow in this, and in all her other achievements. It is always inspiring to see young people in our College community succeeding both in and outside of our walls. We will look forward to seeing what Willow achieves in the future!”      

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