Lewis crocombe student of the month february 2019

Huge congratulations to Year 11 student, Lewis Crocombe, who has been awarded 'Student of the Month' for February 2019. Lewis has had so many fabulous things said about him by his teachers; words like 'exceptional', 'committed' and 'hardworking' are littered throughout the comments, reflecting the positive impact he has had on our College community. A very fitting recipient of such a positive award. Well done from all of us, Lewis!  

“Lewis is an excellent student who is tenacious and committed to achieving his best at all times.”

L Ellicott, Team Leader of ICT

Lewis is a very polite, popular and helpful individual who likes to get involved in activities throughout the College.  He is organised, meets deadlines well and he has a very good attendance record.  Lewis is a focused and determined individual who has the ability to take on responsibilities in a mature manner.  On numerous occasions, he has shown that he has the ability to work effectively in pressured situations, whilst still remaining calm.  He is an effective communicator and he carries out his Prefect duties with care and attention.  Lewis is a fantastic Geographer who has developed a clear understanding of challenges that we face in the 21st Century.   Lewis continues to develop positive relationships with his teachers and his peers. He has the ability to work with them successfully; he is not afraid to ask questions, make decisions or take on responsibility.  Well done Lewis!

Lewis receiving his award from Mr Cornish
Lewis receiving his award from Mr Cornish

Sam Groves, Team Leader of Geography and KS4 Raising Achievement Leader

“Lewis is an exceptional student with an excellent work ethic and impeccable manners. He completes all tasks with maximum effort and is highly organised and autonomous when it comes to independent learning and revision. He is a pleasure to teach and a credit to the College.”

Teacher of English
“Lewis is a committed, hardworking student with an excellent attendance and attitude towards his studies. Lewis works independently and demonstrates excellent resilience. He continues to build on his knowledge and understanding and has a good level of practical skills.”

R Dempsey, Teacher of Design and Technology

Lewis has represented the College in the wider community
Lewis has represented the College in the wider community

“Lewis is an incredibly hard worker in Maths – he is engaged and focussed during every lesson and makes the most of his time, either to ask questions or do practice in class. Lewis is a pleasure to teach and his written work in Maths is well thought through. He is polite and courteous, I always hear a ‘thank you’, even for handing out his homework!”

Teacher of Maths

“Lewis is a pleasure to teach. He is a highly motivated, utterly reliable student who always does his best. Lewis is polite, good-natured and thoughtful. He is very organised and meets all deadlines. Lewis deserves to do very well indeed in his GCSE examinations.”

Team Leader of Religious Studies 

Student Of The Month February 2019 Newton Abbot College Ofsted Good Secondary School 1