Prefects lead lgbt assemblies

Newton Abbot College LGBT Assemblies Prefects Ofsted Good

Year 11 Prefects devised and delivered an inspiring and informative lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender awareness assembly to support national LGBT History Month. Delivered over five days to the entire student cohort (including sixth form), anti-bullying prefects Lewis Breslan, Ellen Gillard, Zach Leishman and Matthew Stocker focused on some existing LGBT stereotypes in society and aimed to continue increasing awareness of inclusivity. Each assembly emphasized the need to celebrate difference within society, reinforcing the College’s stance on individuality and diversity. The student’s highlighted issues on homophobic, bi-phobic and transphobic bullying. Examples of public eye figures, including sports personality Gareth Thomas and boxing promoter Kellie Maloney, were used to underline topics fast becoming relevant to young people today. News of celebrities undergoing gender transition as well as children raised in single-sex families, were also a point of focus for the assemblies. Prefect, Matthew Stocker, feels passionately about LGBT issues: “I was desperate to participate in the College’s LGBT awareness assembly. I appreciate that there are people both in and out of our College community who may be struggling with their identity and I am passionate in the belief that the College promotes an anti-discriminatory and anti-bullying environment in which every student can be accepted and embraced for who they are. I am part of the anti-bullying team at Newton Abbot College and it is our job to spread the word that bullying of any kind, for whatever reason, will not be accepted.” Anne Farnham , Head of House “We are delighted with the response of students following our LGBT assemblies that were delivered across College. I am very proud that, as a College, we continue to promote tolerance and respect and embrace diversity, which, in turn fosters a safe and welcoming environment that is conducive for learning for all our students.”

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