Royal academy art

For the third year running we are proud to announce that one of ourstudents has had their artwork selected for the Royal Academy A Level Exhibition online. Over 1,000 aspiring young artists across the country submitted their work for the exhibition and Samuel Murray, Year 13, is one of the lucky 36 students whose ‘outstanding works of art’ have been selected by the Academy’s expert panel. Samuel’s black and white photograph entitled ‘The Goal is Minimalism’ shows a football goal on the beach.  Samuel said “In this piece I was trying to show the world in the simplest of lights, just a collection of blocks, lines and textures to create a minimalistic picture.” [caption id="attachment_6548" align="aligncenter" width="475"]'The Goal is Minimalism' by Samuel Murray 'The Goal is Minimalism' by Samuel Murray[/caption] Oliver Endicott, Year 12, submitted a piece of artwork, entitled ‘A Clash’ which has also been included in the Commended section. [caption id="attachment_6549" align="aligncenter" width="495"]'A Clash' by Oliver Endicott 'A Clash' by Oliver Endicott[/caption] You can view all of the entries online, including Samuel’s entry in Gallery 3:

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