Sixth form students get a taste of israeli life

Year 12 Sixth Form Philosophy and Ethics students were given an insight into life in another culture following a visit by two Israeli students touring the UK.

The visit, organised by the Friends of Israel Educational Foundation, looked to promote public understanding of the hopes, achievements and problems facing Israel in its Middle Eastern context. Students Maayan Meir and Idan Nimtsovich embarked on an extensive UK tour, visiting schools and colleges to share their experiences and Israeli cultural and religious heritage.

Maayan Meir (Front Left) and Idan Nimtsovich (Front Right) with Sixth Form Philosophy & Ethics students
Maayan Meir (Front Left) and Idan Nimtsovich (Front Right) with Sixth Form Philosophy & Ethics students

Newton Abbot College students were taught about life growing up in Israel, Jewish migration and influences, historical conflicts, Jewish tradition and culture and the effects of the Holocaust during and after the Second World War.

Students took full advantage of the visit, quizzing the visitors in an exhaustive question and answer session, discussing similarities and differences of being a teenager in differing cultures. Year 12 student, Elysia Stent, enjoyed the experience: “It was extremely interesting to speak to students from a totally different culture. It really helps you become more objective and appreciate different points of view, experiences and traditions not seen in this country. It was really eye opening to hear about some of the history of the Israeli people and to understand that in the world community, we are all very different, but also incredibly similar.”

Team Leader of Philosophy and Ethics, Sue Shute, added: “It is really important to have our eyes opened to different outlooks and perspectives. As always, our students asked many perceptive questions.”

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