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Year 13 students, Ellen Gillard and James Perry, have recently been appointed as Co-Chairs of the Newton Abbot College Sixth Form Student Council.

As Co-Chairs, and in partnership with Head of Sixth Form, Sam Grierson, and Council Lead, Natasha Martin, the Co-Chairs will be in charge of student representation and event organisation throughout the academic year.

James and Ellen’s successful applications followed an extensive interview process during the last academic year. Their first major role as Co-Chairs will start in the coming weeks as they set about appointing a full student council body.


L-R James Perry, Student Council Lead, Natasha Martin and Ellen Gillard
L-R James Perry, Student Council Lead, Natasha Martin and Ellen Gillard

The College’s Student Council was originally established in March 2017, organising the inaugural Sixth Form Ball at the Imperial Hotel in Torquay. Plans are already in place for a bigger event in 2018, as James explains:  “Our aim this year is to make the Sixth Form Ball better and more established for all Sixth Form students to enjoy. The Council will also be looking to represent the College’s student voice, recommending changes and improvements as well as organising new social and sporting clubs and events throughout the calendar year.”

The creation and evolution of the College’s Council is fast becoming an integral part of Sixth Form life, as College staff member and Council Lead, Natasha Martin, explains: “Newton Abbot College couldn’t be prouder to have James and Ellen as Co-Chairs. Both staff and students share the huge responsibility of shaping the Sixth Form so that students can lead and shape their futures for the rest of their time at Newton Abbot College and into further education, apprenticeships or employment. We are excited to see what the year will hold and we have no doubt that the Council will facilitate some incredible changes over the coming months.”

Report by Pheobe Davidson, Sixth Form Reporter

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