Student of the month ashley sapsford

Newton Abbot College Student of the Month Ashley Sapsford February 2015

Congratulation to Year 13 Student of the Month for February 2016, Ashley Sapsford!  Here are some of the reasons why Ashley was deserving of the award:   Ashley’s thoughtful contributions during Literature lessons are astute and reflect his ability to think analytically. He listens to others and really helps to create an energised learning environment for everyone. He collaborates extremely well and uses the advice he is given to improve his work. He’s a friendly member of the group and always livens up the conversation: a real credit to himself and all the effort he makes. Z Bhiwandiwalla, Team Leader of English. Ashley is a true individual. He is bright, energetic and gregarious and his creativity and flair are evident in abundance. His intelligence and wit are admirable qualities and he possesses the ability to interact positively with people of all ages and backgrounds. His career aspirations lie in the world of media and film. He will go far. J Leet, Team Leader of Business Studies and Tutor. Ashley played the lead role in “Othello” in the Shakespeare Schools Festival last year: he achieved a remarkable performance and dazzled the audiences with his gifted and pensive performance. He was an excellent role model for the other cast members as he was hard working, committed and creative. He is an exceptional performer, combining instinct and intelligence. Ashley epitomises everything the Student of the Month represents: talent, modesty, imagination and with an appetite for success. Ashley is reflective, a strong leader, an empathic collaborator and he thoroughly deserves the award this month for his exceptional ability and exciting potential for the future. S Godfrey Team Leader of Drama. Ashley is an extremely enthusiastic member of the Film Studies class. He has a deep and thorough understanding of the subject matter and makes sophisticated links between themes, concepts and the films studied. R Knibb Teacher of English.  

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