Student of the month callie butler january 2019

Huge congratulations to Year 10 student, Callie Butler, who has been awarded 'Student of the Month' for January 2019.

Callie has been a part of the College community since starting in Year 7; she has been involved in the work of the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, has performed and spoken in assemblies and is an integral part of the College's thriving Electric Car Club. She is a brilliant student, as is shown in the comments below. A massive 'well done' from all of us, Callie! 

Callie receiving her award from Mr Cornish
Callie receiving her award from Mr Cornish
 “Callie has great empathy skills and asks some very perceptive questions in Religious Studies. She is always polite and thoughtful. I was particularly impressed by her maturity and level of questioning when we had a visitor from Plymouth and Devon Racial Equality Council earlier in the course. She is a pleasure to teach.” 

S Shute, Team Leader of Religious Studies

“Callie is in the electric car club and has been since Year 7; she is very keen and helpful and particularly good at improving the appearance of the machines and driving them. She is very good at driving the electric car and given a good performance in practice laps at races. She is a natural hovercraft driver and there are not many of those. She is currently involved in designing a new nose cone for our electric car, Lucy.” 

Leader of the Electric Car Club

“It has been a privilege over the last four years to see Callie grow in inner-confidence. Callie overcomes challenges every day yet still insists on being treated with equity. Callie is always enthusiastic and is a natural leader. Callie put herself forward in September to be my co-tutor. She rigorously monitors equipment checks and scrutinises uniform every day. Her role on the Befrienders Team is extremely important to her; she is very proactive and swiftly goes to into action at a moment’s notice, as this is a matter near to her heart. She is now setting her sights on becoming a Prefect, which I fully support. I am amazed at her eagerness and energy to get involved with so many activities both in and out of College, skiing being one of them!”

L Cooper, Tutor and Teacher of Design and Technology 

Callie shows so much resilience in every Design and Technology lesson. She is able to change and adapt her ways of completing a task using her own learning strategies; she is becoming an excellent problem solver.  She comes to every lesson with a smile and has an exemplary attitude to learning. 

R Dempsey, Teacher of Design & Technology

Student Of The Month January 2019 Newton Abbot College Ofsted Good Secondary School 3