Students enjoy parliamentary master class

Parliamentary Master Class Newton Abbot College Ofsted Good Secondary School

Newton Abbot College welcomed Parliament’s Education Officer for the South West, Roz Birch, to deliver a series of engaging workshops outlining how British Parliament functions. Thirty Year 10 students were treated to workshops designed to help develop their understanding of democracy, how Parliament works, how to have a voice in a democratic culture and how to get involved politically. The three workshops covered topics including; the three parts of Parliament and how they function, how a Bill gets passed and the importance of voting, debating, political parties and campaigning for change. Students were also invited to work in groups to design and deliver their own political party manifesto, design campaign strategies and take part in a mock general election. Ms Birch was impressed with the students’ work: “It has been wonderful working with the students from Newton Abbot College. They have been collaborating brilliantly and they have created some very well thought out manifestos. They have remained totally engaged and produced some fantastic ideas.” Year 10 student, Tobias Rudling, found the workshops incredibly valuable: “The morning has been extremely informative. I think it is really important that young people have an understanding of how their political system works and, in turn, to have an educated voice when making key political decisions. Assistant Principal and event organiser, David Evans, was equally impressed with the morning’s workshops: “Having an expert in to work with our students exploring the key ideas and features of our democratic government system has really opened their eyes up to their rights and responsibilities in an elected democracy, especially as they will have a vote in the next general election! It was great to see students consider how they can be a part of a parliament in the making.”  

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