Success at the fsk nationals

Harriet Hebbes, a student at Newton Abbot College, started karate at Teignbridge FSK club, based at Winners 2000 in Newton Abbot, back in 2010.  She won her first Federation of Shotokan Karate (FSK) National title in 2011, and retained a national title again in 2012 despite being only 12 at the time and competing against girls aged up to 15 years old. Harriet gained her first Dan black belt in 2013, following her written request to Chief Instructor Aidan Trimble 7th Dan, and after many hours and weekends training in Nottingham before being allowed to take the exam. On 11 October 2014 Harriet travelled to Nottingham with Sensei Richard Cuff and Sensei Phil Todd to compete once again in the FSK National Championships.  Harriet took gold in the Kata (form) boys and girls mixed brown and black belt category, showing great resolve and maturity beyond her years even when paired against her best friend and club member, Niamh Gentry, in the semi-final.  At the same event, Harriet also took bronze in the girls over five foot 12-15 yes Kumite (fighting). [caption id="attachment_7002" align="aligncenter" width="234"]Sensei Richard Cuff and Harriet Hebbes Sensei Richard Cuff and Harriet Hebbes[/caption] Cory Cuff, Harriet’s Aunt and Co-Instructor at Teignbridge FSK club, said “We are immensely proud of Harriet's achievements, this is her third National title and she has only been doing karate for four years!  Harriet is never phased by competition, always working hard at training and always doing her best." [caption id="attachment_7003" align="aligncenter" width="355"]Harriet at the FSK Nationals Harriet at the FSK Nationals[/caption] Harriet also assists Sensei Cuff teaching junior members of Teignbridge FSK as part of her ongoing karate development and her GCSE coaching at Newton Abbot College, and she is a positive role model for other club members and students at the College.

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