Teacher heroes help stop literary destruction

Teachers of English donned superhero costumes and devised an entire day of lessons for students to hone their creative writing skills in preparation for their GCSE examinations. 

The theme of the day was ‘The Power of Reading’; staff dressed up as a host of characters, including ‘Liberation Librarian’, ‘Superlative Girl’ and ‘Punk-Tuation’ and delivered a series of creative writing lessons based on the dystopian concept that reading had been outlawed and all books will be burned. Students were invited to create a super hero alter ego for themselves and created a written outcome to various scenarios presented to them by their superhero teachers. Throughout the day, students were devising stories reflecting both positive and negative outcomes to their stories, drawing up designs to attack enemy facilities and planning hostage rescue missions along the way.  

The English Department dressed as literary superheroes for the day
The English Department dressed as literary superheroes for the day
The day was a real success, as Teacher of English and event creator, Danielle Chambers explains: “We are always looking for creative ways to engage our students and support them through their studies; the writing activities will help students in their creative writing question for their Language GCSE where they will be required to write either a descriptive or narrative piece for forty marks. Bringing an element of fun into the classroom made for a really positive day – it was definitely one to remember!”
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