Telford triumphs again

For the 7th consecutive year Telford House has triumphed at Newton Abbot College’s annual Swimming Gala! [caption id="attachment_7264" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Swimming Gala Swimming Gala[/caption] There was an electric atmosphere at Newton Abbot Leisure Centre on Thursday 20 November when students from Years 7 – 10 competed in the Swimming Gala.    The students gave each other lots of encouragement from the pool side which added to the friendly team rivalry amongst the Houses. The students took part in a variety of races including relays, and the gala was well fought by all of the students who were very competitive and determined to do their very best for their respective Houses. [caption id="attachment_7265" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Swimming Gala Swimming Gala[/caption] The results were as follows: 1st place - Telford House 2nd place – Curie House 3rd place – Newton House 4th place – Brunel House Colin Gill, Head of Telford House, said “Yet again, I stand proud as I am informed that Telford House has retained the House swimming cup for the 7th consecutive year.  I know the students that represent the House in this competition give me an extra 10% effort in order to do so and for that I thank them all.  It is at times like this, when education is so important to a student’s development, that there is still enough time to pursue recreational team activities to broaden their whole life experience.   Well done Telford!”

Swimming Pr1