Tour of britain

On Thursday 11 September ten students from Newton Abbot College had the opportunity to watch Stage 5 of the Tour of Britain Race 2014.   The Tour of Britain is the largest professional cycle race in the country and is free for spectators.  Stage 5 started in Exmouth and ended in Exeter after the 110 mile route took the cyclists through Dartmoor. [caption id="attachment_6882" align="aligncenter" width="435"]Tour of Britain 2014 Tour of Britain 2014[/caption] Cycling is a popular pastime and sport at all levels and plays an important part in the College’s PE curriculum as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle.  The students were thrilled to be part of this national sporting event and to see world class cyclists at such close range, as well as finding out more about the organisation involved behind the scenes.  Charlie Mason, Year 8, said “I’ve never been to a national sporting event before - it was an amazing experience!”

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