Wiscombe hill climb

Fifteen students from Newton Abbot College attended the Wiscombe Hill Climb this month with their electric cars: Lucy and Freddy.  For the fourth year running students attended as guests of the Torbay Motor Club and were allocated a place of prominence in the paddock in order to display our electric cars.  Members of the public, as well as drivers, were keen to find out all about the cars, especially after Dan Hayday, Year 10, made a demonstration run down the hill in Lucy whilst Sophie Hoare, Year 8, gave a running commentary on the public address system.  Lucy recorded 43 mph on the run, beating last year’s performance of 40 mph, and significantly faster that the 30mph in the first year! [caption id="attachment_6506" align="aligncenter" width="327"]Team Lucy in the paddock Team Lucy in the paddock[/caption] The students had ample opportunity to learn about the wonderful sport of hill climbing as motorbikes, sidecars, sports cars, modified saloon cars and racing cars did their best to climb the very tricky hill, amongst the bluebell woods of this fabulous venue.  A record for 2014 (39.02 seconds) was set by Rodney Thorne in a 5 litre Pilbeam.  Students had plenty of opportunity to look at (and even sit in) some exotic cars and talk to the drivers, many of whom gave advice and even offered some useful spare parts. As in previous years, Torbay Motor Club presented the students with a cheque for £150 to help our cause, and donations from the public on the day brought the total raised to over £200.

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