Newton Abbot College prides itself on its high attendance figures that are demonstrating an upward trend year on year. Students’ commitment to College life and its community has ensured that in 2016, 117 students (the equivalent to 11.8%) achieved 100% attendance in Years 7-11.

Why is attendance so important?

High levels of attendance give students the best possible opportunity to maximize their examination grade outcomes. The more a student is present in College, the more likely it is that they will achieve their learning potential, minimize any gaps in their learning and set a precedent for future employment habits.

How can I help my child’s attendance?

Take holidays during holiday times. As from 1 September 2013, no school or College is able to authorise any requests for absence relating to holidays in term time following an amendment to the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006.

Any requests for planned absence should be made in writing to Assistant Principal, Lesley Ring and the Student Support Attendance Officer. Responses can be expected within 7 working days of receipt of the written request. The College notifies the Education Welfare service of any holidays taken during term time and they may issue a fixed penalty fine for unauthorised holidays amounting to 5 days or more.

The College is working with Hays Travel, Newton Abbot to offer students and their families discounts to encourage holidays to be taken in holiday time. These include:

VIP rates for foreign currency with no commission charges on sales and buy backs;

5% discount on package holidays taken during school holidays;

In order to take advantage of these offers, students will need to show their planners in branch at the time of booking;

Book medical and other appointments for after College hours. If this is not possible, please keep students away only for the time needed and not for an entire College day;

Informing the College of any change in contact details so that any issues can be discussed should they arise.

What if my child is ill?

If a student is unable to attend College due to illness, parents/carers/guardians are required to notify the College before 9.30am by telephone on 01626 367 335. If a student is unable to attend College for more than one day, parents/carers/guardians are required to call in at the beginning of each day of absence until the student is well enough to return.

How does the College Support and Encourage Attendance?

Registers are taken at the start of every lesson to ensure that any attendance discrepancies are identified and resolved.

If a student is marked absent without parental notification, an automated message will be sent to the primary contact, requiring them to contact the College to give an explanation. Any further unexplained absences will be followed up with a telephone call home.

Weekly attendance reports are sent to tutors highlighting attendance brackets (97% or above is considered ‘green’, between 94-97% is considered ‘amber’ and below 93% is considered ‘red’) to encourage discussion with students regarding their attendance and focus on solutions to improve where necessary.

Working closely with an Education Welfare Officer to identify any concerns or attendance patterns that can be discussed with parents.

Certificates are regularly awarded in House assemblies for improving and outstanding attendance, both individually and as a House as a whole.

Students with 100% attendance during an academic year are invited to the College’s annual attendance lunch hosted by the Principal.

How can I discuss any issues or concerns I have with my child’s attendance?

Please contact the Attendance Officer in Student Support on 01626 367 335 to discuss any issues or concerns you may have.