Parents appointment booking

The College actively encourages open communication between parents, teachers and students’ tutors throughout the academic year.

Parents are also invited to meet with their child’s individual teachers at an annual Parents’ Evening and a separate annual Tutor Consultation appointment where a longer, more in-depth opportunity to discuss a student’s progress is offered.

How do I make an appointment to see my child’s teachers and tutor?

Parents will receive an email through the College’s Call Parent system, notifying them of the arrangements for the Parents’ Evening or Tutor Consultation Day. Appointments will then be able to be made online via a fully automated system on a first come, first served basis. A step by step guide Is available to help parents making initial bookings.

What If I cannot attend any of the offered times?

If parents cannot attend either the Parents’ Evening or Tutor Consultation appointment, arrangements can be made for teachers and tutors to contact parents at a more suitable time. These appointments will generally be conducted via telephone, rather than meeting in person.

What if I cannot access the booking system?

If you cannot access the booking system online, please contact the College and our Reception staff will be happy to help.

Does my child need to attend these meetings?

Where possible, we would encourage students to join parents evening appointments with you.

Parents appointment booking