The College operates a totally cashless, electronic payment system that allows students to purchase items throughout the day without the need to remember to bring cash to College.


Every joining student will have their fingerprint scanned and entered into a Biometrics system that will act as a personalised pin to their account. A sixteen digit card number and three digit identification number will be issued to every student to allow parents to set up an account on the College’s chosen payment system, sQuid.

How sQuid operates

Throughout the day, students visiting the cafes and restaurants will scan their finger and charge any food or drink items directly to their funded account. This system is fast, efficient and ensures that high volumes of students can access food and drink items in a short space of time.

Parents will have the ability to add funds online to either a catering purse, which can be used in the College’s cafés and restaurant, or to the Trips and Offers purse that covers all student offsite outings, concerts, revision books and other items. Trips can be ‘purchased’ online and paid either in full or by instalments, to suit the need of individual families.

The sQuid payment system also allows parents to review spending habits and set up automatic top ups to ensure that a student’s account is managed effectively.

What if I don’t have / have lost my sQuid account details?

For any queries regarding access to your sQuid account, please contact sQuid directly at sQuid aims to respond to all enquiries within twenty four hours.

I can’t find a specific trip on sQuid. What do I do?

Please contact the College’s Finance department on 01626 367 335 or at and they will be happy to help.