The College recognises the importance of regular two-way communication with parents and carers to ensure that your child’s learning and progress is supported effectively both in and out of the classroom environment.

Call Parent

Parents will receive information regularly via the College’s email system, Call Parent. This important system communicates all aspects of your child’s time at College, including trip information, homework reminders and invitations to College events.

Staff and Tutor Contact

Teachers and tutors may also contact home via telephone calls, letters or postcards to celebrate student success or discuss any concerns or issues.

Student Absence

If your child is absent from College and the absence is unaccounted for, the College will email, call and text parents and carers to ensure that any unexplained absences are dealt with, students are safe and parents have peace of mind during College hours.

Social Media

Newton Abbot College also boasts a thriving social media presence; both the College’s Facebook and Twitter pages are regularly updated with student achievements, news stories and general useful information.