Wet weather plan

The College will adopt the following procedures if the weather is deemed too wet for students to spend breaktimes outside and it is declared a Wet Weather Day:

  • At all times students should be prepared for wet weather as this plan will only come into action if it is raining very heavily. Students must bring a waterproof coat to college and an umbrella is recommended.
  • When the weather forecast indicates there will be heavy rain throughout the day, a ‘Wet Weather Day’ will be declared in the morning and tutors will inform students that if it is raining heavily at break time they can enter the school buildings.
  • If a ‘Wet Weather Day’ is declared and it is raining heavily at break times students will be allowed to access the college corridors during Break 1 and Break 2.
  • Students can eat and drink in the corridors but they must put rubbish in the bins provided. If students do not clear up after themselves then they will not be allowed in the buildings when it is raining heavily.
  • The ‘Warn, Move, Remove’ system will be applied to any students who are unable to follow the simple guidelines and behave appropriately inside the college buildings. They will be placed in break detention during the next break.
  • Staff will carry out their duties both inside and outside the buildings if it is declared a ‘Wet Weather Day’.
Wet weather plan