Sixth form life

Newton Abbot College’s Sixth Form offers students a world of opportunity, both in and outside of the classroom environment.  The ability to learn beyond the classroom encourages students to become well-rounded, team-playing, passionate individuals who can use their experiences to support their individual learning and learn key skills to take with them beyond College life.

Lunchtime and After College Activities

The College offers an enormous range of lunchtime clubs and after-College activities and students are encouraged to take part, become part of the wider College community and pursue their own interests.

Student Handbook

The Sixth Form Handbook is an invaluable guide to life at Newton Abbot College, covering everything a student will need to know, from the working week and student expectations to Bursary funds and much more. 

Student Leadership Team

Students will have the opportunity to increase the stakes they have in their Sixth Form by joining the Student Leadership Team. Comprising multiple bodies responsible for different areas of College Life (e.g. social and events committees and arts and culture), students will be given the power and responsibility to shape the Sixth Form into something of which they can be proud. 

The Leadership Team offers students the opportunity to have a real, meaningful and powerful voice within the College community, giving feedback and suggestions to the College Leadership Team and becoming involved in key strategic decisions. Members of the Leadership Team will be responsible for chairing meetings, leading on projects, reporting to other key members of the College Leadership Team and organising events to raise their profile throughout the College Community. 

Student Ambassadors

Students who are particularly passionate or able in academic subjects have the opportunity to become Student Ambassadors. As a main subject point of contact, Student Ambassadors meet and mentor students in younger years to help support their learning, attend open events to help raise the profile of their subject and provide peer-to-peer support for other students on the same course.

Tutor Group Representatives

All Sixth Form Tutor Groups have a nominated Representative whose job is to listen to student peers and bring any relevant issues to the Student Leadership Team to be actioned if possible. 


As part of students’ enrichment, dedicated time is apportioned every week to allow students to explore areas of personal interest. Students have the opportunity to take part in sports (either individually or as part of a team), volunteer within the local community or become a Student Mentor, supporting younger students in their studies within the classroom environment. 

Taking part in extracurricular activities is encouraged, even if it is in an area that students are not studying. 

Sixth Form Students will also take part in six timetabled Enrichment Days, affording students the opportunity to attend workshops and conferences, as well as undertake valuable voluntary work within the local community.

Tutor Support

Within Sixth Form tutor groups, students will be given access to and support in their future development. Topics such as PSHE and careers education will be covered, as well as giving students the opportunity to find the right university course or apprenticeship through access to Unifrog and other portals. Students will be supported by their tutors and given advice and guidance on their next steps, helping to write CVs or creating personal statements for use on their UCAS forms. Students are also actively encouraged to study MOOCS (online courses designed to widen students’ breadth of knowledge and interest) to help enrich their personal learning and develop a deeper understanding of chosen subjects. 

Work Experience

Students in Year 12 undertake a week of mandatory work experience. Students are encouraged to look beyond the Newton Abbot area, travelling to Torbay and Exeter to widen their experiences. Students are also encouraged to organise their own work experience and regularly commit time to organisations within the local area. 

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