The AQA A Level Business course is a coherent, challenging and modern specification that enables students to gain a thorough grounding in what really matters in modern business. The content includes key contemporary developments such as digital technology, business ethics and globalisation. Students will develop the knowledge and skills needed to analyse data, think critically about issues and make informed decisions – all skills that are needed for further study and employment.

Entry Requirements

Students must have achieved a minimum of Grade 5 or above in both English Language and Mathematics and Grade 5 (equivalent) in at least 3 other GCSE/Level 2 qualifications. We also look for a Grade 5 in GCSE Business or a related subject. However previous study of Business or Economics is not essential. Guidance on acceptable related subjects can be provided by the Sixth Form Leadership Team.

Course Overview

On this course you will study

Students on this course will study Business in a variety of contexts (e.g. Large/small, UK focused/global, service/ manufacturing) and will consider:

  • The importance of the context of business in relation to decision making;
  • The interrelated nature of business activities and how they affect competitiveness;
  • The competitive environment and the markets in which businesses operate;
  • The influences on functional decisions and plans including ethical and environmental issues;
  • How technology is changing the way decisions are made and how businesses operate and compete;
  • The impact on stakeholders of functional decisions and their response to such decisions.

This course has no coursework and is 100% assessed through examinations.

Progression and Careers

A qualification in Business will benefit those who:

Wish to pursue higher courses of study in areas including: 

  • Accountancy
  • Human Resource Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Operations Management;
  • Expect to take up careers where a Business Studies background is relevant;
  • Wish to apply their entrepreneurial talents and set up and run their own business enterprise.

Where can I find out more?

Point of contact:

Jon Leet

Team Leader of Business Studies

Contact Jon Leet who looks after this Business course on:

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