Design and technology product design

Students will have a passion for problem solving, along with a curiosity in how things work, how things could be improved and a willingness to implement ideas until you discover the right one.

Entry Requirements

Students must have achieved a minimum of Grade 5 or above in both English Language and Mathematics and Grade 5 (equivalent) in at least 3 other GCSE/Level 2 qualifications. Product Design or Engineering at Grade 5 or Level 2 Merit is also required. Other related GCSE/Level 2 subjects may be considered. Guidance on acceptable related subjects can be provided by the Sixth Form Leadership Team.

Course Overview

On this course you will study

This course gives you the chance to get creative and innovative as you develop your product design skills and learn about the complex relationships between design, materials, manufacturing and marketing.

Covering all aspects of the design process, this A level explores new technologies. You will look at how the latest innovations are being used to create the next generation of products. Taught by specialist teachers, you will have access to fully equipped workshops including CAD/CAM and design facilities.

You will carry out mini projects and theory sessions, alongside your major design project, producing a design portfolio and a final product. End of year exams will assess how well you understand the design process, relevant materials, manufacturing technology, marketing and the ‘innovation challenge’ will assess your design and modelling skills.

This course comprises 50% coursework and 50% written exam taken at the end of Year 13.

Progression & Careers

Product Design would suit students intending to pursue careers in areas such as:

  • Architecture;
  • Advertising Design;
  • Automotive Design;
  • Product Design;
  • Engineering;
  • Computer-Aided Design;
  • Furnishing Design;
  • Design Technology;
  • Heritage/Restoration;
  • Industrial Design;
  • Interior Design;
  • Teaching.

Where can I find out more?

Point of contact:

Rachel Dempsey

Teacher of Design and Technology

Contact Rachel Dempsey who looks after this Design and technology product design course on:

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