The course has a strong focus on contemporary UK society, examining its place in a global context. You will learn a number of skills including the use of evidence to support your arguments, how to investigate facts and critical thinking. It is relevant to the society you live in so you are bound to enjoy learning about topics that are relevant to everyday life; plus it opens the door to a fantastic range of interesting careers.

Sociology classes are collaborative and varied each week. I feel totally supported in my studies and am encouraged to work hard and achieve my potential.

Sophie Lands, Year 12

Entry Requirements

Students must have achieved a minimum of Grade 5 or above in both English Language and Mathematics and Grade 5 (equivalent) in at least 3 other GCSE/Level 2 qualifications. Other related GCSE/Level 2 subjects may be considered. Guidance on acceptable related subjects can be provided by the Sixth Form Leadership Team.

Course Overview

On This Course You Will Study

Course modules over the two years include:

  • Education with Methods;
  • Families and households;
  • Crime and Deviance;
  • Global Development.

The course comprises 100% examination assessment.

Progression & Careers

Sociology would be suitable for careers in:

  • Social Services;
  • Education;
  • Criminal Justice;
  • Welfare Services;
  • Government;
  • Counselling;
  • Charities and the Voluntary Sector.

Specific careers include:

  • Charity Fundraiser;
  • Community Development Worker;
  • Counsellor;
  • Lecturer;
  • Housing Officer;
  • Teacher;
  • Probation Officer;
  • Social Researcher;
  • Social Worker;
  • Welfare Rights Adviser.

Where can I find out more?

Sociology 01