Accelerated reading

At Newton Abbot College, all Year 7 and 8 students become part of the Accelerated Reader Programme. Accelerated Reader is a reading management and monitoring programme that aims to foster independent reading and a passion for literature among early secondary age students.

How does Accelerated Reader Work?

Students in Year 7 will undertake an online, diagnostic reading test to determine their reading level. Once identified, students will be able to confidently choose which books are best suited for them from the Study Centre’s huge array of both fictional and non-fictional texts.

Once a book has been finished, students will complete an online quiz to test their knowledge of a given text. Rewards are given for completed books and quizzes in the form of certificates,and brand new books.

The College is passionate about embedding of a love of reading in all its students; lessons dedicated to personal reading are built into the timetable and students enjoy a tangible sense of reward and achievement with their reading improvement and progression.

Accelerated  Reading 01