A student’s performance, how it is monitored and ultimately maximised is at the heart of every teaching period within Newton Abbot College. A student’s individual performance tracking and non-biased data allows the teachers to individually tailor a student’s learning to maximise their potential and progression. 

Forms of Assessment

The College undertakes three main forms of assessment:

  • Day-to-day assessment through learning objectives, tailored questioning and in-class observation;
  • Summary assessment through termly Extended Learning Tasks and/or internal examination process;
  • Nationally standardised examinations (i.e. GCSE, AS and A2)

An individual student’s performance tracking begins from the beginning of their College education; students in Year 7 are given Personal Learning Checklists to help manage their progress. This evolves into GCSE ‘working at’ grades and ‘predicted’ grades to help students understand and celebrate their progress. Aspirational grades are always given; the College teaches to the very top of a student’s ability and regular data tracking allows students to reach for the very top and Imagine what’s possible…

What if I have concerns about my child’s progression?

Communication regarding your child’s performance and progression is encouraged; tutors and individual subject teachers are available to discuss your child’s needs through face to face meetings at Parent Teacher/Tutor Consultation Days, on the telephone or by email. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s progress or understanding their data profile, please contact the College

What If My Child’s Progress is not as expected?

Regular data collection on each individual student across the College ensures that those students needing learning intervention can be identified and helped quickly and effectively. Intervention is individually tailor-made to ensure that students with slower progress can confidently move forward having all their needs taken into account. Intervention is discussed with parents to ensure support can be given to students both in and out of the College environment. 

Full details, please refer to the College’s Assessment Policy.

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