Good quality careers education raises young people’s aspirations, increases motivation and allows students to explore and prepare for life in post-16 and post-18 education.

Newton Abbot College encourages each student to ‘Imagine what’s possible…’; aiming to inspire, support and challenge every individual to be better than they ever dreamt they could be. As part of the process of increasing our young people’s opportunities, maximising their outcomes and improving their life chances, the College delivers a coherent Careers Education Information, Advice and Guidance Programme (CEIAG). The delivery of this programme supports not only the central aims of the College, but reflects the growing awareness amongst parents, students, staff, colleagues in the support agencies, employers and the wider community that the years spent in secondary education are no longer just concerned with the acquisition of qualifications, but are increasingly about the preparation for the world of work and life-long learning.

CEIAG Framework

The College’s career programme has been developed in conjunction with the CDI (Career Development Institute) framework, the Gatsby Report’s benchmarks and has been awarded The Quality in Careers Standard by Investors in Careers. The three key areas the College focus on are:

  • Self Development – through careers, employability and enterprise education;
  • Careers Exploration – learning about careers and the world of work;
  • Career Management – learning how to develop career management and employability skills (to include managing changes and transitions.

What CEIAG will my child receive at Newton Abbot College?

CEIAG is on-going throughout the academic year and is delivered through tutor time, calendar-set enrichment days, ‘Imagine what’s Possible…’ lessons, subject curriculum and is enhanced by working with local businesses, colleges and universities. Full details of the provision for students can be found in the Careers Policy.

CEIAG provision will be inclusive and targeted to the specific needs of all learners. Group sessions will either be led by internal, knowledgeable staff members or experts external to the College. In all cases, the information, advice and guidance will be impartial and will meet the needs of our young people.

Working in partnership with CSW Group, all students have access to guidance from a registered L6 Careers Adviser who is in college every week. Gemma Nalder is our named contact and can be contacted via Mrs Grant, our designated Careers Co-ordinator Working in the various partnerships has also enabled the College to participate in projects such as Big Bang Fair, Generation Stem, and the Tri Work pilot.

Aims and Objectives of CEIAG

Every young person in our community should leave College prepared for their future. The College will ensure that each individual will be entitled to receive a CEIAG curriculum that;

  • Delivers effective and stable CEIAG curriculum to students from Years 7 to Year 13;
    Continuously engages and allows students to learn from Career and Labour Market information;
  • Ensures the needs of each student’s CEIAG needs are individually addressed to allow students to be well-informed when making subject and career decisions;
  • Ensures academic rigour that is supported by excellent teaching of careers and character attributes through links with Curriculum Learning;
  • Enables students to receive a rich provision of encounters with Employers and Employees;
  • Enables students to receive first-hand experience of the workplace through work visits, work shadowing and / or work experience;
  • Ensures students encounter experiences with Further, Higher Education and apprenticeship providers to support raising aspirations;
  • Provides high quality, independent and personal careers guidance crucial in helping students emerge from College more fully rounded and ready for the world of work;
  • Guides parents to be able to help inform their children and address the needs of every student.

Work Experience

As well as tailored CEIAG throughout the academic year, students have one week of work experience that is scheduled in the College’s calendar in both Year 10 and in Year 12. Work experience weeks take place in the summer term.

Students will have the opportunity to discuss their options with the College’s CEIAG Coordinator, who will guide students towards the right placement that will help encourage students to gain experience and confidence in a working environment, learn new skills and help in the transition from College to work or further education.

The student work experience handbook, outlining key points, tips on finding a placement, suitability visits and other useful information is recommended reading for all students. For any enquiries regarding work experience, please contact the College’s CEIAG Coordinator on 01626 367 335 or email at

A database, detailing employers who have previously provided students with work experience places can be accessed here.

Students will need to fill out an application form and get parental / guardian consent before any work experience can be undertaken.

Student Destinations

Students who left Newton Abbot College, after completing their Sixth Form studies, are supported in the next stage of their life, whether it be to University, an Apprenticeship, Employment or further studies.

2019 Leavers Destinations Summary

2019 Leavers Destination Information

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