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Extended Learning Tasks

To enhance learning and success, students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are asked to complete a termly Extended Learning Task (ELT) for each curriculum subject. The ELTs are designed to deepen learning, enabling students to develop, reflect on and revise knowledge from their lessons, whilst challenging them to explore and demonstrate their learning in a personalised way. 

In addition, the ELTs encourage students to become independent learners - developing key study skills including time management, organisation, as well as problem-solving.

Extended Learning Task Booklets

Students receive an ELT booklet at the beginning of each term, which includes tasks for each curriculum subject for the term ahead. This provides parents with an opportunity to share in their child’s learning. Further guidance on how to approach each task is given to students by their subject teachers.

Year 7 ELT: Summer Term 2017

Year 8 ELT: Summer Term 2017

Year 9 ELT: Summer Term 2017

Homework Club

The Homework Club also offers help, useful resources and support and is available after College in the Study Centre from 3.30 to 4.30pm every day. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this fantastic resource that boasts over 13,000 constantly updated books and resource materials.