Home learning

To enhance learning, success and deepen students’ understanding of curriculum subjects, a programme of home learning tasks are set for each year group throughout each academic term.

Using the online system, Show My Homework, students and parents have access to individual home learning schedules set for each academic subject. Students are able to view tasks, develop key study skills including time management, independent learning and organisation, as well as manage deadlines. Parents have access to their child’s home learning tasks, providing the opportunity to share in their child’s learning. Home learning timetables for KS3 and KS4 are also available to help students plan their workload.

Show My Homework can also be downloaded as an app on mobile phone devices by both parents and students. The app allows mobile access to homework tasks, as well as sending reminders for deadlined tasks. More information about Show My Homework is available to download here. Help is also available from the Show My Homework Help Centre.

Knowledge Organisers

In addition to home learning tasks, students are also provided with Knowledge Organisers for each academic year. Knowledge Organisers provide key subject specific terms, definitions and phrases set by subject teachers. Throughout the year, students are expected to learn these terms and will be regularly tested to ensure fully rounded knowledge of each area of study.

GCSE Revision Guides

Homework Club

The Homework Club also offers help, useful resources and support and is available after College in the Study Centre from 3.05 to 4.30pm every day. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this fantastic resource that boasts over 13,000 constantly updated books and resource materials.

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