Personal social health education pshe

PSHE is just part of what the whole College does to help students to develop their potential by ‘Imagining what’s possible...’  At Newton Abbot College, we aim to equip our young people with the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthy, safe, productive and responsible lives.

What areas are covered?

We are mindful of the fact that PSHE must be relevant to students ‘real life experiences’ and therefore it is informed by the College’s overall vision, the wider curriculum links, both learners and citizens by ‘Imagining what is possible’.  Throughout the year there are numerous house assemblies and cross-curricular links to cover issues such as SRE, Bullying, Diversity and Rights and Responsibilities, British Values and Citizenship. 

Students are given opportunities to make real decisions about their lives through a programme of learning opportunities and experiences that help our young people to grow and develop as individuals and as members of families and communities.

We use a wide variety of different resources in our PSHE curriculum and do not therefore rely upon a single text book; rather we design and plan our own custom learning activities for students based upon best practice and identified local community, social and economic needs and priorities.  Our high quality PSHE planning and delivery is informed and influenced by our active membership of the national  PSHE Association and use the core themes of Health & Wellbeing’, ‘Relationships’ and ‘Living in the wider world’ to structure our programmes of study.

Enrichment Days and External PSHE Providers

Our PSHE programme is primarily structured around a set of specialised ‘Enrichment Days’ that occur on a half termly basis.  In addition to this there are numerous specific events that occur throughout the year including ‘applied drama performances’ from The Solomon Theatre Company (alcohol, drugs and in Year 10 healthy relationships education) and Alter Ego Creative Solutions Company (raising awareness of child sexual exploitation in Year 8). 

External providers and organisations are used to enrich learning by providing expert input and also act as role models (Year 7 Africa day, Year 9 Careers/SRE, Year 10 work experiences and Year 11 Mock Interviews are several exemplars).

Student Progress Assessment

Student Progress Assessment is currently achieved at Newton Abbot College through a prior knowledge and understanding self-audit at the start of a PSHE session and completed by a student feedback and progress assessment at the end.  These are evaluated and then returned to students so that a record of learning can be kept in their tutor mentoring folders.  We structure our assessment of progress against given criteria in the 3 core themes of PSHE.  Healthier Well-being, Relationships and Living in the wider world’.

PSHE Curriculum

PSHE is ‘spiral curriculum’ from Year 7 to 11’ challenging learning builds upon what has gone before to reflect and meet the changing personal development needs of students at the College.

Year 7 students take part in a tutor challenge day followed by 5 other whole day experiences covering experiences including Exeter Arts visit, Africa Day multicultural activities, Maths at Paignton Zoo visit, Anti-bullying/Enthralling English/Stunning Science activities and Sport4Wellbeing/College production activities.

Year 8 students also take part in the College tutor challenge day followed by a careers/personal futures guidance activity day, Prejudice/Respect and Equality themed day, multicultural diversity activities and transition KS3/4 Options guidance activities days.

Year 9 students experiences include an English, Maths and Science extension day followed by a set of sexual health, relationships and well-being activities, Sport4Wellbeing Team Building and Leadership challenge day, enterprise and business environment visit to Cadbury world finishing with a Science/Mathematicss enrichment visit to Plymouth aquarium and English@Stover visit.

Year 10 enrichment days comprise study skills support activities, drugs/alcohol and tobacco wellbeing day, work experience/employability skills in a business environment, subject extension days in Geography and History, and individual careers guidance and futures planning following work experience week.

Year 11 students further explore healthy wellbeing and positive relationships before spending a day in Bath at Poetry Live for a day. They also investigate emotional health and mental health wellbeing linked to stress management. Year 11 culminates in a detailed look into transition planning for individual personal futures.

In addition to the Enrichment Day activities our 2016/17 Year 7 and 8 curriculum has one period per week scheduled as “Imagine What’s Possible”. This is a personal development and wellbeing learning: In Year 7 topics include learner identity, Growth Mindsets, Personal Finance and Consumers, on-line influences upon wellbeing and equality and diversity in communities. Year 8 progresses onto careers and personal futures planning, making business decisions and being entrepreneurial, exploring positive self-esteem, how to become a career leader and planning for transition into Key Stage 4.

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