Student support

Newton Abbot College cares about each individual student, and strives to make them feel fulfilled, confident and happy. Pastoral care sits at the heart of student happiness and wellbeing; it is the fundamental ethos of Newton Abbot College that happy children, who feel safe and supported, learn and progress more effectively.

Student pastoral support is delivered by five Heads of Houses and an Inclusion unit who are, crucially, non-teaching staff. This affords the College the privilege of having a dedicated pastoral support team, available at all times during the College day, to address any issues that may arise. The Safeguarding Level 3 trained Heads of Houses work with students and their families, to ensure that students are fully supported to increase their learning opportunities, maximise their outcomes and ultimately improve their life chances.

Heads of Houses

Every student in Years 7-11 will be a member of the College’s five houses – Christie, Durrell, Lewis, Orwell and Tolkein. Each House is led by a non-teaching Head, who will have weekly contact with every student through assemblies and group / individual meetings if necessary. These Heads of Houses are available to every student, throughout every College day, to discuss any issues they might have, of any non-teaching nature.

All of the College’s Heads of Houses are Safeguarding Level 3 trained and regard each student as an individual, they build supportive relationships with students and their families, and are both approachable and non-judgemental. Their remit is to cover aspects of students’ lives including areas such as:

  • Friendship issues;
  • Bereavement;
  • Family upheaval or change of circumstance;
  • Bullying;

Each Head of House specialises in a specific area of Student Support, but all are trained to be able to provide the right advice and support for each individual student, if and when the need arises.


The College has a dedicated Inclusion Department that provides support to students who are struggling to access classroom learning for a variety of reasons including:

  • Medical;
  • Social;
  • Emotional.

The Inclusion Department works closely with students and their families to teach students a range of strategies for managing emotions to encourage resilience and the ultimate return to the classroom for mainstream education. The department also work closely with the College’s teaching staff to help them make students feel happy and focused in the classroom environment.

Student Counsellor

The College also provides access to a trained counsellor, who meets with individual students on a weekly, one-to-one basis. Referrals to the student counsellor are made through Heads of Houses.

Young Carers at Newton Abbot College

Our mission:

We cannot overestimate the impact of caring for a dependent parent or loved one on a young person finding their way in life. At Newton Abbot College, we will ensure that Young Carers have a voice by providing a platform for them to share their experiences and through advocacy with dedicated staff who will provide access to quality support reflecting their identified needs and interests. We will share best practice to ensure that we all recognise the individual challenges they face and to continually improve the day-to-day lives, chances and outcomes for our Young Carers.

Our vision:

To care for a dependent loved one in their time of need can be overwhelming; even for adults. To care for a loved one in their time of need when you are a child shows an extraordinary love and loyalty that is immeasurable. Students who provide care for family members will often go 'under the radar' and yet their day-to-day lives revolve around meeting the needs of others. Newton Abbot College will be a place where they can feel safe to express the frustrations and challenges that this brings, where they can find understanding and support, and where they will be recognised and celebrated. We cannot change their circumstances, but we can change the way they are listened and responded to; that is the one truly significant gift we can give. As a College, we stand alongside Young Carers and will ensure that a quality education and future is not prejudiced by their caring role.

Young Carers:

At Newton Abbot College we are aware of the fundamental role Young Carers play on a day-to-day basis within their family environment and the impact this role may have within College. Due to this, we have introduced a whole school commitment which has been agreed by our governing body to identify our Young Carers and ensure they are given targeted support. Newton Abbot College’s Young Carers staff links are Ms Bush and Ms Ransom. The Governor overseeing our Young Carers support is Mrs C Hooper.

They can be contacted by phone 01626 367335 or by emailing:; FAO: Young Carers

Useful links:

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Correspondence to Parents

Dear Parent / Carer,

As of February 2020, the College has set up and is running a new Young Carers’ Group for those students who provide additional support and care for members of their families or extended family.

The group, who meet every other week, offers a place where students can find understanding and support, as well as meeting other young carers to share their experiences, make connections with others and to be recognised and celebrated. Run by team of dedicated staff and a Head of House, the group will look to provide trip opportunities as well as other in-College activities during PSHE Days, on top of regular meetings and potential drop-in sessions. This group has been set up to recognise the individual needs of each young carer and to support them through the challenges they face in their daily lives, so that they can increase their opportunities, maximise their outcomes and improve their life chances at Newton Abbot College and beyond.

The College is actively identifying and approaching young carers in the College community to join the group. We ask all parents and carers to contact Head of House and Young Carers lead, Laura Bush, if they feel their young person would benefit from participating. Individual student referrals will be assessed on a case-by-case basis to ensure the Young Carers group is the best provision for the student concerned.

For clarity, the official definition of a young carer is ‘…a person under 18 who provides or intends to provide care for another person (of any age, except where the care is provided for payment, pursuant to a contract or as voluntary work).’ Children and Families Act Section 96.

In the first instance or for more information please contact Laura Bush via phone (Student Support Option 2) or email: FAO: Ms Bush

How do I contact Student Support?

Student Support are contactable through the main College switchboard on 01626 367 335 or by the College’s email address A response time of 48 hours is in place for all enquiries.

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