Our Art Department is ambitious, high performing and committed to offering every opportunity to our students to enable them to achieve their potential, enjoy and appreciate the visual arts and enrich their lives.

Our schemes of work challenge students, develop their practical skills and enable them to express their understanding of Art, Craft and Design critically. We are extremely proud of our students’ achievements and take every opportunity to exhibit their work locally and nationally. As well as offering GCSE and A Level Fine Art and Photography courses we also offer Arts Award Silver. We run many Art Clubs such as Journals, Sculpture, Photography as well as GCSE Coursework.

Year 7

Students study the traditional genres of still-life, portraiture and landscape art. They learn colour theory, painting, printmaking, sculpture and craft techniques. Students also learn how to express their understanding of Art, both verbally and in written form.

Year 8

Students study contemporary art practice and work in teams to produce large sculptures, animations and mixed media assemblages.

Year 9

We follow the AQA Fine Art specification. Students extend their knowledge of drawing, painting, print-making, photography and sculpture techniques with a range of materials. Students learn how to create a visually exciting sketchbook and produce a series of observational studies on a variety of scales. Students visit local and national exhibitions.

Year 10

Students plan and research material for their coursework project. They experiment with ideas in their sketchbooks and larger scale work. Students visit the Tate Modern during the summer term to research artists for their coursework project.

Year 11

Students finish final pieces for their coursework project and spend the Spring Term planning and taking their GCSE Fine Art Exam.

Where can I find out more?

Point of contact:

Julia Payne

Team Leader of Art

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