Business studies

Our aim is to ensure that students following our Business Studies courses develop an understanding and appreciation of the dynamic, global business environment in which we live. 

For many students, Business Studies inspires an entrepreneurial spirit which ultimately leads to the setting up of successful business enterprises. For most students, Business Studies engenders an important understanding of the economic environment in which we exist and which impacts so strongly on our lives. For all students, Business Studies provides a valuable insight into the world of work to which we all ultimately progress as employees or employers.

I am really enjoying Business Studies. This course isn’t necessarily about being the next Alan Sugar and making lots of money, it’s about being prepared for the future and seeing that starting your own business really is an option.

Year 11 student

Year 9

At Key Stage 4 Business students will study the Level 2 OCR Cambridge National Certificate in Enterprise and Marketing.

In Year 9 learners will understand the main activities that will need to take place to support a start-up business.

Year 10

In Year 10 students will focus on developing the skills and knowledge to design a product proposal to meet a business challenge scenario.

Year 11

Year 11 Business students will develop the skills and knowledge to create a brand identity and promotional plan for their product proposal.

Extracurricular opportunities

Business students make a significant contribution to the organisation and running of the annual Christmas Fayre and are also given the opportunity to take part in the national Tenner Challenge. The Tenner Challenge is a competition where students are loaned £10 and are given support to set up their own mini business enterprises. In doing this they learn about the practical side of running a business, including how to manage money, pay bills and market products to consumers.

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