At Newton Abbot College, English is engaging, thought provoking and challenging. We teach all students to the top and see no limit to what they can achieve. It is our aim that all of our students will become successful and creative learners who enjoy English and will make rapid and sustained progress.

Learning in English will involve students being independent thinkers who can articulate their ideas and opinions both orally and through the written word. The curriculum is rich and varied and is designed to stretch and challenge students, enabling all to confidently complete reading and writing tasks such as analysing a classic text, writing a persuasive letter or producing an original piece of vivid description. Students will study towards their GCSE English Language and Literature certificate by following the AQA Examination Board Course.

Year 7

This year offers a range of exciting opportunities for all students to build on the skills developed in Key Stage 2 as well as embedding the skills needed to be successful readers and writers at GCSE level. Teachers will diagnose areas of strength and those for further development in individual students so that all students are able to flourish. Students will be creative in their thinking and writing and they will extend their reading ages by following the Accelerated Reader Programme.

Year 8

We build upon the skills introduced in Year 7 and look to further develop confidence and accuracy in the different components of the study of Literature and Language. Students will continue to look at a variety of texts, old and new.

Year 9

Students consolidate their skills in reading and writing as they move towards their GCSE studies, fine tuning the skills needed to achieve their very best. They will have the opportunity to explore different genres and types of texts, considering the context in which they were produced, including poetry, plays, media, non-fiction and novels. The emphasis on GCSE assessment objectives increases in year 9, with the aim that all students are empowered with an astute understanding of the skills that our chosen exam board, AQA, are testing.

Years 10 & 11

Students will study towards their GCSE English Language and Literature qualifications by following the AQA exam board. They will fine tune their skills in analysing poetry, exploring a range of literature (including a Shakespeare play) and expanding their knowledge of different approaches to reading. Writing skills remain at the heart of the course with a continuous focus on embedding the highest standard of literacy and creativity; they will also learn how to adapt their writing to suit different contexts and audiences. Students will complete their exams for both courses at the end of Year 11.

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