History is an enjoyable and varied subject which enables students to learn a combination of skills as well as gain an understanding of events in the past. History teaches students to evaluate evidence and reach substantiated judgements, whilst simultaneously encouraging empathy and a wider understanding of the world around us. Students are encouraged to develop a sceptical attitude to evidence which they can apply to situations later in life.

Year 7

We begin History in Year 7 with a unit which provides students with a clear chronological overview, on which they can build their studies. We then undertake thematic and period studies covering the years 1066 to 1750. Our Historical enquiries include ‘Who was the best Medieval King?’ and ‘Does Oliver Cromwell deserve a statue outside parliament?’ Each of these units are designed to encourage students to develop their investigative and interpretative skills.

Year 8

In Year 8 we continue our study of History through depth and thematic studies. We begin the year with an investigation into the horrors of the Slave Trade, before exploring strange and sometimes unpleasant forms of public entertainment. An extended study of the Changing Nature of Warfare – with mini case studies ranging from the Battle of Hastings through to the war in Vietnam – provides students not only with an overview of key battles and tactics, but also how conflicts impact on the people at home. We finish Year 8 with wider world studies, including one on the Zulu people.

Year 9

The first term of Year 9 serves as the foundation to GCSE. Here students will develop their historical skills through a series of investigations into controversial historical figures, such as Robin Hood, Field Marshall Haig and JFK. History students then begin their first GCSE unit entitled ‘Health and the People, 1100-present’. This is an interesting journey through the history of medicine and explores the key discoveries that brought us to the sophisticated medicine of the twenty first century.

Year 10

In Year 10 students will cover a period study looking at the expansion and consolidation of America, 1840-1895, before undertaking the thematic study into the Restoration period 1660-1685, this unit will include a visit to a historic site linked to the era.

Year 11

Students will complete their final unit in Year 11, which is a depth study into the interwar era entitled ‘Conflict and Tension, 1918-1939’. From the middle of the year detailed revision takes place so that students are well prepared for the two GCSE exam papers.

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