Ict 1

ICT is engaging, exciting and always changing to incorporate the fast moving pace of technology. Greater emphasis has been placed on computer programming and our aim is to ensure all students develop a wide range of ICT skills which they can use effectively to support their learning. We also offer courses which can develop specific ICT skills for those students who are interested in a career using ICT. Animation, web design and game design are just a few areas which are covered by the ICT curriculum.

Year 7

Students will cover a range of different areas including an introduction to spreadsheets and databases. Students will also develop their programming skills using Scratch and Kodu. In the summer term students develop a 2D game using The Games Factory. They will be introduced to the BBC Microbits to help them understand computer programming.

Year 8

Students continue their programming skills using Scratch and Kodu. There is a greater emphasis on developing independent skills including planning and evaluating. Students will create websites and develop a range of graphics including animations to enhance their final product.

Year 9

Students develop more comprehensive ICT skills. They will work with Photoshop and Fireworks to create and manipulate images. Students will collaborate on projects using a range of software including sound and video editing to develop presentations and share ideas. Computer programming and game design skills continue to be developed.

Year 10

ICT offers an opportunity to develop a wide range of skills and will give students the chance to specialise in a particular area, e.g. web design or graphics. The course is also ideal for students who enjoy their ICT and are looking to develop a broad range of skills which they can use to support their learning in other subjects. Students will complete one piece of coursework on business solutions mainly developing office skills. Students will follow the OCR Cambridge Nationals ICT course.

Year 11

Students will produce two pieces of coursework. The first will look at students creating digital images which can be used for a range of uses including the web. The second will look at students creating an interactive product using multimedia components. Finally students will develop their understanding of computer systems.

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