Imaginative reader

In our Imaginative Reading lessons, students enjoy a rotating cycle of eight weeks of Accelerated Reader lessons in the Study Centre and eight weeks of whole class reading lessons in a classroom.

Years 7 & 8

In the classroom reading lessons, students are read to by their teacher and we aim to expose students to a rich and diverse body of literature that will inspire and challenge. Teachers are enthusiastic and passionate about the novels they read to students and all students are expected to listen carefully, join in discussions and follow the reading using a ruler – this supports focus and improves fluidity when reading.

In Accelerated Reader lessons, students complete a Star Test, an online assessment, each term to establish a reading age that will challenge students without causing frustration or loss of motivation. They complete further quizzes throughout the year on books they have read, with the aim of passing each quiz and raising their reading age. We encourage students to experiment with genre and to challenge themselves to keep improving.

Star Tests take approximately 20 – 30 minutes and our Study Centre Supervisor, plus the class teacher is on hand to support students with their book choices and quiz results. The more students read, the greater their vocabulary, comprehension and outcomes.

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