Imagine whats possible

In 2016/17, Newton Abbot College introduced a bespoke course for all or students in Years 7 and 8. This course is entitled IWP – Imagine What’s Possible - and is relevant to students’ real life experiences and future challenges.

Year 7 & 8

Imagine What's Possible is directly informed by the College’s overall vision, wider curriculum links and the need to give our students opportunities to make real decisions about their lives through a challenging programme of learning opportunities and experiences that help our young people grow and develop as aspirational and positive citizens.

Imagine what’s Possible is just one element of what the whole College does to help students to develop their potential through PSHE-oriented learning. Imagine What's Possible is particularly focused on how Year 7 and 8 students view themselves as learners, their self-belief, motivation to learn and their aspirations for their futures.

Throughout the course students will explore topics and learning that directly link to PSHE, CEIAG and Personal Learning/Thinking Skills such as leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication.

Imagine What's Possible recognises that we must equip our young people with these essential tools and skills to help minimise the effect that negative and stressful experiences can have on a learner. Imagine What's Possible does so by promoting positive growth mindsets throughout the course in Years 7 and 8.

Imagine What's Possible at Newton Abbot College aims to meet the hallmark of our students being “successful individuals’ by them ‘loving learning, valuing effort and being persistent in the face of challenges and obstacles’.

Imagine Whats Possible 2